Thursday, 15 October 2015

STAY.....! by Lucy Ridges

STAY....! by Lucy Ridges

It is a wet, grey day.....the sun suddenly appears from behind a cloud. You are in the supermarket and you move left to avoid another trolley....the person pushing the other trolley moves right and you both laugh. A letter arrives in the is a personal letter addressed on the envelope by hand. It is notice for the first time that the buds are beginning to open on the trees. 

You know how you feel when beautiful things like that happen? Well, that it what is like working with Lucy Ridges. Everything is suffused with warmth, smiles and beauty. She doesn't waste a moment but you feel that, if you interrupt her movement or train of thought, it won't matter because she will just use the time she has lost on another day or catch up after you have gone. And when you go, all you want is to stay. And look at these lovely photographs - they are almost as delightful as she is. Full of wit, clarity, charm and love. 

And she writes and sings wonderful songs too. Songs about all the things I have written about. I cannot say that she sings like an angel because I have never heard an angel sing but if angels have got any sense they should sing like her. 

This was my second shoot with Lucy. It could have been my first because it was like everything was happening for the first time - all fresh and full of life, intensity and wonder. It could have been the hundredth because everything was so familiar, easy, relaxing and connected. How can that be? I don't know and I don't care. "Let's never stop" she wrote. Look! There is the sun. Listen! I heard someone laugh. I read a letter. I saw the beginning of Spring. No, we will never stop. These days will last forever.  


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