Wednesday, 30 July 2014

BEWITCHED by Christina Theisen

BEWITCHED by Christina Theisen

What to write about Christina? A free spirit? Like a tiny sprite that lands on the back of your hand but then disappears  before you have time to take in its beautiful form. A creature anchored to the earth she loves, giving succour to the people who she meets on her journey through a life of mystery, elation, magic, truth and touch. A ray of sun that picks out the glamour of green on a shoot of grass made damp by desire. Her eyes, deep pools of wisdom, innocence, knowledge and joy always questioning but never answering. Young, nervous, surprised, awkward, mature, assured, calm, sinuous. No. One cannot put a label on Christina. She might very well have been some or all of these but she doesn't stand still. She moves, she dances, she grows, she travels and each experience paints another layer.

I have stood with her in the rain. I have talked to her in a crowded room. I have eaten with her. I have lain on her floor. I have answered the door to her. She has come to open the gate for me. I have shared my thoughts with her. I have read her words. I have draped my body on this rock in the sun and allowed her to photograph me. Short puffs of time in a breeze, warm and cold, harsh and forgiving but long enough to recognise a child of the earth, a mother of being, ideas and actions, a teacher of a new attitude of acceptance, love and humour.

She is not unique, I am sure, but she is the only person I know who is like this and the only person who could have taken this photograph.


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