Monday, 11 August 2014


I came across Nisha's work through another photographer, Joanna Burejza, but how I am afraid that I don't have a clue! We started corresponding in May 2013 and, at that time, her first idea was to do a head shot portrait involving using a studio and multiple mirrors at Southampton Solent Unversity but first of all some exhibitions and the Parkinson's Disease got in the way and so it was not until August 2014 that. on a trip to meet a friend near Taunton that we finally met at Bridgwater Station. We spent the morning and early part of the afternoon in Tea Room and very nice it was too. Nisha was very chatty, I was very chatty and the food was good. What I particularly like about Nisha is that she is not afraid to take photographs. I suppose that can be a bit of a drawback if you are a photographer but I have found that one or two are a bit tentative at first whereas Nisha was not and started photographing me almost immediately.

And then I received some photographs from her - four photographs to be precise. I chose this one mainly because, although I am looking into the lens, it has caught me in between poses so it is a pause but it is a natural pause which seems, to me anyhow, to say a lot about who I am; I recognise that guy in the photo. Also, there is seemingly no barrier between me and Nisha and yet, we had met for the first time only about 30 minutes before which says a lot for a photographer especially one as young as Nisha. That said, I have no idea how old she is but she is certainly young compared to me. The colours in the shot are so good too. The dominant colour is blue (my shirt) but this contrasts so beautifully with pallor of my skin and the soft pattern of the wallpaper beyond. Gorgeous. 

A few months later Nisha came to the exhibition in Brighton but it was  just about to close for the day so we didn't get much chance to talk. It was also a little strange to see her other than across a table in a Bridgwater Tea Room but what a lovely person she is - quite the most perfect companion on that day and, hopefully, other days to come

And, get this, we're going to work together again!


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  1. Watching the site grow and prosper has been a revelation to the power of will when couples with imagination and photography. Great job.