Friday, 24 October 2014


It was dark. She sat patiently waiting for the final glitches to be sorted out. She spoke quietly but that made me even more alert to the words with which she described the ideas that 
she transposes so eloquently into her photographs and her films
All the while as she talked I thought of the exhibition
at Regency Town House that I missed
If you ever see an exhibition 
by Emma Critchley
her talk by showing
 still photographs and films
I was utterly entranced by her work 
The work that I thought I knew so well and
yet I realised that I knew nothing The film "Aria" was simply 
one of the most beautiful pieces of moving images I have ever seen As the notes soared 
into the darkness of the Fabrica building the body of the swimmer flipped and cut through the
water as if it were flying. It twisted and turned and I felt tears well up as I turned and and twisted with it.  

The film "Heartbeat" featured a woman standing under water with the beat of her heart connected somehow to a strobe light. Emma explained that the longer you stay underwater the slower how heart beats. Wih every beat the light flashed up a silhouette of the model's body and as the film progressed the beat got slower and slower until you thought it was the end and then... another beat.........and another 

This work is of the highest order. It all comes from Emma's deep love of water or her love of deep water and her incessantly inquiring mind always searching for new ways to express what lies in her heart

I am so privileged to have worked with her

I am so privileged to know her

She is a supreme


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