Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A SCAR IS BORNE by Peter Dench

A SCAR IS BORNE by Peter Dench

Some are born witty, some achieve wit and some have wit thrust upon them. Not sure which applies to Peter Dench but he is certainly a very amusing chap. I think I first came across him in the Professional Photographer magazine ("PP") and I wrote to him first of all in August 2010. As you can see, it took another 4 years to get together although, in the meantime, we kept up an intermittent email correspondence and I followed his adventures in PP as well as bumping into him (well, he was in the way) at a Mini Click event when he gave a very funny talk about his work to an adoring audience.

Then all of a sudden he was in my house with his camera photographing me and making me laugh as you can see by the tears rolling down my cheeks in this excellent photograph. No, seriously, he is a lovely jolly chap with a beautifully droll sense of humour and he knows how to photograph a packet of All Bran when he sees one. This photograph was taken a couple of months after my Deep Brain Stimulation surgery and you can see my Patient Programmer nestling above my left nipple and the scar just above it where the surgeon slipped it under my skin.

It seems strange to see me lounging around the kitchen topless - bit like the famous scene in "Ryan's Daughter" (what a film) when Robert Mitchum comes in from working outside and his wife, played by Sarah Miles, persuades him not to put his shirt on when he sits at the table to eat his lunch. Well, not exactly like it but there is a similar incongruity about it and yet that gives substance to the shot. After the shoot, Peter left and it was only a little later that I remembered that we were going to have lunch together and all I had given him was a glass of water. I wrote to apologise but Peter very courteously said that the water was delicious and surprisingly filling. I am sure he was telling the truth, aren't you?

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