Sunday, 16 February 2014



It was 5am on 16th February 2014 and, as arranged, Alex drew up outside the house to collect me for our moonlight photograph. There is something wonderfully magical about being up and about at that time of the morning although this was tinged with a certain amount of anxiety on my part because I suffer from Vertigo - not only do I feel dizzy looking down from a great height but also I feel the same standing on the ground looking up at a high building or, as in this case, high cliffs. But the excitement of the shoot enabled me to overcome my fear. I had seen Alex's incredible images and I was very much looking forward to being in one myself. It is a great honour to be invited to sit before someone's camera and step into the world you have seen created before the photographer has given any thought to working with you so, yes, I felt honoured to be in Alex's company that morning. We parked in the road in Peacehaven and walked towards the winding road that led through a gap in the cliffs onto the shore. The violent storms of the previous few days had rearranged the pebbles somewhat and so, partly due to that and to my infirmity, Alex couldn't quite create the image he had in mind originally. 

I stripped off and yes, it was a bit chilly but I adopted a few poses including this one looking out to sea. I am afraid that my knowledge of photography and cameras is such that I cannot recall what camera Alex was using and how long the exposure was and so I shall have to leave that to him to explain or you to determine from the image itself. But I love the whole procedure involved in taking a shot like this. I love seeing the photographer thinking hard about the light and depth of field etc and then 'click' the shutter is pressed and the image has been captured. The Decisive Moment.

Alex then produced what looked like a light sabre from Star Wars (I have never watched any of the Star Wars films by the way) and played with that on a long exposure too. In between all this Alex very kindly wrapped me up in a warm dressing gown and provided slippers as well. Eventually, it was over and we slowly made our way back to the car and I felt a real sense of achievement. It was a thoroughly satisfying experience - Alex is the friendliest of people and has a lovely smile that puts you at your ease straightaway so no problems on the communication front. He is also a very talented photographic artist. I love this picture. There I am sitting below these majestic cliffs which only days before had been pounded by the elements and not only that but I could have been sitting on a piece of chalk that had been carved off the cliffs a few days ago and had crashed onto the shore just where we were working - gulp! And the beauty and grandeur of the cliff face is highlighted by the silver glow of the moon which contrasts beautifully with the deep blue sky dotted with stars. Brilliant.

Who would have thought eight years ago as I sat in my office working as a solicitor that one day I would be photographed naked at 5am on a February morning on the sea shore below the Peacehaven cliffs? Not me! But I have and it is amazing. Thank you all you photographers out there who have given me such joy and pleasure at a time when I could have been floundering about wondering what to do with myself and, in particular, thank you Alex Bamford for this; the shoot, your friendship and this marvellous image.

Looks like a little brother to the sun
Or mother to the stars at night
And here it is and here it comes
Here comes the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon.
                                                                                                        - George Harrison


  1. Thanks Tim, it was an absolute pleasure

  2. Hello Tim - I'm loving that second image even more than the first one. The light is making me think of your Parkinson's (I have MS, and can relate some to what you're having happen to you) - very ethereal. Good on you both :) for pushing boundaries.