Thursday, 27 June 2013

'TIL THERE WAS YOU by Emli Bendixen

'TIL THERE WAS YOU by Emli Bendixen

I was informed by Twitter on 20th February 2013 that I was being followed by Emli who described herself as being Korean/Danish and living in North  London with a little dog. It also said that she was a photographer so I looked up her website, liked what I saw and wrote my usual email saying that I thought her work was wonderful and unlike anything I had ever seen before and it was and it is. If you look at the photographs on her site, they may not seem unique or amazing at first but look closely because what comes through really strongly is that all the photographs have been composed with real love and care. Again, there are plenty of artists who create with love and care but Emli has her own way with things and to me, it is totally and genuinely unique.

We corresponded and eventually agreed on 27th June as the date to meet certainly and, possibly, to do the pictures too which we did. It was a lovely day not only because Emli is the sweetest person but also because we played Beatles' records all the time and everyone knows how much I love their music,. We chatted a lot too and Emli met Jane and adored her paintings.

I received the photographs very quickly and they were all magnificent but this was my absolute favourite. Fortunately, Emli agreed and bob's your uncle! She mentioned afterwards that, although she and the other photographers come close to me, they don't really know me so there is something between us but not in a bad way at all. Indeed, as Emli said, the grainy glass panels placed me in a slightly alternate 'place'.

What a lovely day, what brilliant little images and what a nice person for me to meet. Hat-trick!

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