Wednesday, 19 June 2013

DIRTY OLD MAN by Anastasia Trahanas

DIRTY OLD MAN by Anastasia Trahanas

I don't have a clue where I first saw Anastasia'a work but I do know that I really liked it from the start. It shows a deep interest in humanity and a real love and appreciation of the human body. So, I had to write to her didn't I? Yes, of course. But guess what? She said no! She originally suggested that she photographed me as part of her "Naked Britain" project but then withdrew her invitation. That was in 2010. However, we kept in touch and in 2012, I proposed again that she photograph me and this time she said yes.

Fast forward to Spring 2012 and we finally met at King's Cross Station and had a lovely chat. I had seen a beautiful photograph on her site of some plastic animals on a female model's pubic area and I had asked if we could do the same but she explained that the image I had seen was a very spontaneous shot and she had since tried it on a male but it didn't work. Nevertheless, I brought some plastic toy soldiers along to our meeting. I think she was impressed!

Her idea was to photograph me as a dirty old man - literally - with dirt all over my naked body. The things people make me do! I came to Anastasia's home studio and stripped off almost immediately and didn't put my clothes back on until two or three hours of fun and laughter had been enjoyed with her and Astrid who is a good friend and colleague of both of us. First of all I got good and dirty. Astrid helped me with the undercoat and then prepared the topcoat of dark mud and water which I then proceeded to smarm all over my naked body. I was in my element and the great thing was that both Anastasia and Astrid were too. I continued to smarm and dirty myself and tried a variety of poses, some suggested by Anastasia and some by Astrid and some by me. It felt so nice and easy and connected. We were at one. 

We finished off with an attempt to photograph plastic figures on me but it didn't really work. I think by then, we had exhausted our creative vigour and so we brought everything to a halt and I proceeded to flush an awful lot of dirt down the plughole of Anastasia's bath/shower. 

As I always say - I love the shoot most of all and this was a special one because we were all in tune with each other  - BUT then I got the photographs and this one leaped out at me from the computer screen. Anastasia liked it too as did Jane. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the wonderful, the amazing, the stunning "Dirty Old Man" by the wonderful, amazing, stunning Anastasia Trahanas. Look me in the eye and say otherwise! You can't can you? It shows me standing up for myself, challenging the viewer but I am fearful as well so there is vulnerability too and one looks and one wonders and wonders and carries on looking. That is what Anastasia Trahanas is all about and I was the lucky beneficiary of it.


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