Thursday, 6 June 2013

HOLDING ON - Self Portrait

HOLDING ON by Tim Andrews

I love taking self portraits. It is very therapeutic and almost comforting. I suppose that it is also
a means of continuing with my project whilst waiting for the next shoot. This was taken in the
morning at our home in Brighton. Everything was on Auto as I know nothing about cameras
and how they work although sometimes I put the camera on Manual and fiddle with the dials.

What does this photograph say about me? That I have something wrong with my brain and that
it affects my whole body which is all I have. I would love it if someone found a cure or a new
drug that worked all the time, day and night. But the strange thing is that I am excessively happy
and fulfilled. I realise that my self confidence has soared in recent years because what I am doing
comes from me, from deep inside me. And I am holding on tightly to that. Holding on. Tightly.

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