Friday, 29 March 2013


I have been photographed by some photographers and have enjoyed their company and the shoot immensely and they seemed also to have done so but, for one reason or another, I have never received a photograph from them. In most cases, I am sure that this is because they are busy earning a living and they simply haven't the time to complete the editing, retouching, scanning or whatever needs to be done. This is quite understandable and acceptable. Furthermore, I have been very fortunate in that, in just about every case, I have not paid for the photograph (and neither have I been paid for my modelling) and so if it is your profession, I fully appreciate that you have to ensure that you give priority to paid work. This is in no way a moan about anyone who had not sent me the photograph - quite the opposite in fact. As I say, I have really enjoyed working with them in every case. However, I thought I would tell the stories of the shoots anyway.

The first guy who photographed me but who has never sent any photographs was a man called Matthew whom I contacted through Gumtree in April 2008. He replied saying that he was impressed with my idea of a photographic diary of a PD sufferer and that he would love to be involved in generating some of the photographs. He suggested that he come over to Milford from his home in Brighton, where he worked as a teacher. He came over and spent quite some time photographing me with two cameras, one of which was an old favourite 35 mm camera which I think had been owned by his mother or grandmother. In fact, he left it behind and I called him on his mobile and, luckily he hadn't driven very far so he came back to fetch it. One month passed without any photographs so I wrote but received no reply. I wrote twice again and then called him and he said that he had put a CD in the post but would do so again. I sent him my address by email but heard nothing and eventually my last email was returned to me in December 2008 as it could not be delivered. All I have is a photograph of Matthew which is shown below. A very nice guy but quite why he never sent anything, I shall never know.

Matthew in our garden at Ravenswood

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