Friday, 1 February 2013

MASK OF THE DIVA by Martina O'Shea

MASK OF THE DIVA by Martina O'Shea
Every so often, I find that I just cannot choose between two images taken by a photographer and so I choose them both. This has happened only three times before and this is the fourth time. I loved Martina's shot of me at Hampstead Heath, "Eye See You" and yet I love this one too and I found that I could not ditch either of them.

Martina and I had always wanted to do another shoot together and, whilst she had some lighting available to her in her home studio, we took advantage of this one evening. We tried various subtle changes to this pose and this one works because of the head slightly bent over to one side giving it a softer, almost feminine effect. The arms crossing the chest in a somewhat skewed heart shape lend it a pathos which is beguiling and, to me, the lighting is perfect - slightly bleached and cold which accentuates the sadness of the image. It is quite beautiful and it has been taken by a young and very talented photographer who knows what she wants to achieve in a shot and has the confidence to get it.

On the same evening, Martina also made a large sticky roux of flour and water and we played around with that on my head but I haven't seen the results yet otherwise, Martina might be one of the few people to have three images in the project! That may still happen as we are talking of another shoot together. I have done additional shoots with some of the photographers and I do enjoy them. To some extent, the pressure is off and, as we have worked together successfully before, it is a more relaxed situation and enables both the photographer and myself to improvise and experiment which can be so exciting as it was with the lovely Martina.

Gotta go!


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