Wednesday, 25 April 2012

SOLITARY by Poem Baker

SOLITARY by Poem Baker

A return to Gumtree in December 2010 brought me in contact with the utterly charming Poem Baker who was advertising for people to partake in "an exciting photography project'' - sounds good to me, I thought and so I sent my usual email to Poem who responded immediately saying that I was the first person to answer the advert with the exact kind of story she had in mind. She was away in Madrid over the following Christmas but suggested we meet for a coffee and a chat in the New Year. However, I wanted to see her website before I was sure that I wanted to proceed. Well, this was right in the middle of moving house. We had sold our beloved Ravenswood in December 2010 and then move to Colgate in West Sussex whilst we slowly inched our way through the conveyancing on the new place in Brighton which is where I am sitting now, writing this.

 And so it was that seven months later, Poem contacted me again with a link to her marvellous website the contents of which confirmed that she was a photographer of some talent. It was Poem who reignited the fires of passion for working with each other by writing again asking if I was still interested. I confirmed I was and we began the usual rigmarole of emails backwards and forwards suggesting dates - she also sent me examples of her most recent project which were excellent. Finally, it was settled and on 25th April 2012, yep some 16 months after my initial approach, Poem arrived in Brighton and took this lovely photograph. It came about by accident in that the flash didn't work but Poem sent this with one other. At first, I thought that if I chose this picture it would be because it was dark but was it a good photograph? Now, having had time to look and look again at it, I feel very happy with it indeed.

Poem is a very easy person to work with and I was comfortable enough to make suggestions which she seemed happy with. She would like to return every now and then in order to continue to document me and I am very happy for her to do so. I love this photograph.  I love the way the light shines on my forehead, on my neck and shoulders and forearm showing that there is a good side to everything even Parkinson's Disease. The darkness is always there but I have learned to live with that and not to allow it overshadow my wonderful life. And meeting lovely people like Poem certainly helps especially when they create this superb work.

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