Friday, 24 February 2012

DRESSED by Charlotte Rutherford

DRESSED by Charlotte Rutherford

Sometimes one comes across a young artist who is so different from anyone else and has such an eye for what he or she does that the work they produce is as simple and as natural as breathing. One such person is Charlotte Rutherford. I found her work on Flickr and immediately I sat up and took notice. She has a rare talent that searches for and breathes beauty of colour, softness, love and life into her subjects.
Of course, I wrote to her and hoped that she would say yes.
The first words she said in her prompt reply were that my project was such a beautiful and great idea – so it was a yes! It is great to have such compliments thrown at me but I have to say that the idea is only beautiful and great because many wonderfully talented photographers, so different from each other, have also said yes and have imbued the project with their respective characters and love of the photographic art.
Charlotte and I corresponded over a period of months before I arranged a double shoot in her home town of Norwich in February 2012. She met me at the railway station (mm-mm) and we walked through the town to her studio in a complex of studios (surprisingly, all the other studios were empty whilst we were there). Charlotte is quite tall and very engaging and was a delight to be with for the next few hours. She had created a little montage in her studio comprising some wild (and some plastic) flowers, red top hat with rabbit and some candles and other bits and pieces and she asked me first to sit naked next to it. 

She then asked me to put on a very colourful but very old fashioned dress on – she had bought an extra large version – and I posed facing her surrounded by flowers. This is the one she chose and I love it. The colour, the tone, the gentleness, the composition – all just as l had hoped....and more!

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