Saturday, 10 March 2012

A PHOTOGRAPH by Jemimah Kuhfeld

A PHOTOGRAPH by Jemimah Kuhfeld

I came across Jemimah's work on Alex B's blog and then looked up her website and really liked her work and so I had no hesitation in writing to her asking if she might be interested in photographing me. She replied a few days later, having looked up some of the photographs in my project, saying that she thought it was a great idea. Also, she explained that her great aunt had Parkinson's Disease and, therefore, she knew something about it. She felt that she would prefer to photograph me at home and possibly on the beach as well. She also asked if I was in any particular hurry and it she should be aware of any particular constraints. Constraints? With me? Seriously, I guess she was asking politely if there were any physical constraints due to my illness.

It was another month before she came back to me about arrangements for the shoot and explained that she had been busy making arrangements for her impending wedding. She came to the house on 10th March 2012 with her assistant, Andrew who just happened to be her fiance too. They are a lovely couple and it was an extremely enjoyable shoot with a lot of chatting about this and about that. She shot me in several rooms including the sitting room where this was taken. We even had time for me to show them some of my silly films!

Jemimah sent me a CD of her preferred images and said this was her favourite and, fortunately, it was mine too. It has an immediacy that communicates with the viewer and a sense of place with all our "stuff" in the background including my late mother's dining room table at which I used to work when I was younger and living at home. It is beautifully composed and considered and it says so much about me. I loved the other ones too including, in particular, the one below where I am leaning next to Jane's wonderful painting, ''False Sense".

I suggested a title of "Destiny" for the photo but Jemimah felt that it was too weighty and she wasn't that thrilled about entitling her pictures anyway. Although I like to give the photographs in my project titles, in the this case I could see her point and so it is just "A Photograph by Jemimah Kuhfeld" but it is more than just a photograph by Jemimah Kuhfeld - it is an examination, a statement by a fabulous photographer about me and I am very, very proud of it.

Andrew and Jemimah


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