Monday, 20 March 2017

OVER THE HILL returns to Brighton!

The Montefiore Hospital Hove

In 2014, I was very pleased and proud to present an exhibition of photographs from "Over the Hill" at Create Studios (then based in New England House) as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. It was a great success and the Private View in particular was good fun. One of the people who came that evening was Sandeep Chauhan, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon based at the Montefiore Hospital in Hove, whom I had met through mutual friends some months before.

Afterwards, he wrote to me saying that he and his wife, Rosie, had not known what to expect but he added, very kindly, that they found it inspiring and, instead of putting the photographs away in storage, he suggested a possible exhibition at Montefiore as part of the Brighton Fringe proper. We met and everything was very  positive but l had to withdraw because my son was gravely ill at the time. Nevertheless, as Sandeep was so keen, l resurrected the idea a few months ago and we started discussions again about the Fringe this year.

Great progress has been made and I am pleased to say that, with the assistance of a bursary from the Brighton Lions charity, the very generous support of Montefiore itself and the provision of prints by the photographers and frames from Parkinson's UK, it is all set to happen.

The exhibition of 40 photographs from the project, the bulk of which have not been previously exhibited, will run from 5th to 26th May 2017 and will be located in the ground floor reception area of the Montefiore Hospital. Entrance is free and ideally visitors should only come between 10 am and 5 pm and, of course, should respect the fact that it is a working hospital and that patients and their relatives and friends might also be using the reception at the same time.

I am also arranging a discussion forum during May fourther details of which will be publicised in due course.

The exhibiting photographers are:-

Clayton Bastiani
Steve Bloom
Jacqui Booth
Henrietta Bowden-Jones
Jay Brooks
Gemma Day
Matthew Finn
Kathy Foote
Michela Griffith
Amanda Harman
Tess Hurrell
Katariina Jarvinen
Hannah Lucy Jones
Viveca Koh
Nicolas Laborie
Cat Lane
Max Langran
Mike McCartney
Amit Lennon
Robert Ludlow
Strat Mastoris
Nigel Maudsley
Denise Myers
Itziar Olaberria
Elaine Perks
Cathy Pyle
Lenka Rayn H.
Daniel Regan
Ameena Rojee
Jeronimo Sanz
Claude Savona
Stephen Segasby
Tanya Simpson
Ben Smith
Jim Stephenson
Erika Szostak
Anja Barte Telin
Danielle Tunstall
Dave Wares