Sunday, 5 June 2016

GET DRESSED by Holly Wren

GET DRESSED by Holly Wren

Sometimes, photographers have been daunted by both the number of photographers who have preceded them or by the variety of ideas expressed in them. I don't know if that applied to Holly but her original idea was to make me up as a clown and get me to stand at a bus stop in my suit and carrying a briefcase very early in the morning. Well, dear readers, she did exactly that although the bus stop was ditched as none came up to her expectations. After the shoot, I waited, she pondered, I waited some more and she pondered some more but eventually, she had to accept that none of the shots satisfied her; it simply had not worked so she came back for more and this time, although she had some ideas whirring around in her head, she began to think outside the box but, at the same time, stuck with what she is extremely good at and that is taking portraits in her subject's environment.

Et voila!

We ended up with this brilliant shot taken in our sitting room which has been used on innumerable shoots (ditto the setee) - so how is this different to the others? Well, it is absolutely unique. It has a clarity in every aspect -  the colour, the lines, the underlying thoughts (both hers and mine) and the composition. All superb. By the way, this is not to suggest that all previous images taken in this room are not as good - they were all wonderful but all different. The uniqueness also applies to the rest of the shoot in which we had great fun and Holly took what she thought were the least flattering portraits ever. I haven't seen them but I know what I did and I can imagine that she was correct! But this is a seriously good image and we were both very pleased with it.

I saw Holly's name mentioned in a photography journal in 2014 and looked up her work on her website and loved it. At first sight, quite conventional portraiture but it had something extra - a confidence and a clarity that shone like a beacon and gripped me. It took a long time for us to get together but I knew that I must include her in my project before it ended and how right I was. Holly is one of the nicest people I have met on this journey and an excellent photographer too. The perfect combination.

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