Thursday, 5 May 2016



I have written so many times about Clare's work so what else can I say about her? Oh, I don't know - that she has a wicked sense of humour with a lovely wicked smile to match and yet that smile can dissolve into one of compassion and care within a second? That she is totally unique as a photographer because she engages without fear or judgement with her subject and indeed that is a prerequisite to her taking the picture? That she inspires loyalty in her friends by her own loyalty? That you may not hear from her for months but, when you do, it is as if she had only been with you the day before and each time you meet her you cannot escape from those eyes which with one look clasp you to her in a grip so strong that there is no escape?


Actually, I only wrote that word 'Nope' for comic effect. In fact, the answer to all those questions is Yep.

The answer to those questions is in this image taken on Brighton beach as we lay there and chatted with our mutual friend Genevieve Stevenson after a jolly good Fish & Chips lunch. Oh, yes, anyone can take a photograph of my hands clenched together against the blue sky can't they? Yes, well, a lot of people can but this particular photograph of clenched hands was taken by Clare Park and how do I know this? Because I was there and these are my hands and when she asked me to clench my hands and hold them up to the sky, I did. But as to the answer to the questions, if anyone else had taken this photograph, it would have been different - it would not have reflected her wicked smile, her compassion, her loyalty and her grip. It is unique. Only Clare could have done this. Only Clare.

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