Friday, 4 March 2016

TIM 8, 9, 10 by Nikki Acott

TIM 8,9,10 by Nikki Acott

I met the lovely Nikki at Create Studios in New England House when I approached them to ask if I could present an exhibition of photographs from "Over the Hill" as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 2014. I carried out most of the discussion with her colleague Siobhan but Nikki was a continual smiling presence and, bit by bit, we got to know each other and eventually I discovered that she was a photographer. I looked at her work online and, hey presto, within a short while, we were talking about the possibility of her photographing me which then became a probability and then a definivity (is that a wordity?) By the time we had arranged a date for the shoot, Nikki had decided to move Create to another location and so I am proud to say that I was the last person to be photographed in the old Create Studios.

Originally, Nikki had some very ambitious and exciting ideas for the shoot involving tarot cards but these had to be shelved as we got nearer to the date of the shoot because Nikki was so tied up in dealing with the closure and move of Create to its new location. And I think really that both Nikki and I were glad because, we had become friends during the exhibition period and I think that these more straightforward portraits are more representative of that friendship than a more grandiose concept.

On the day, Nikki shot on both film and digital and this triptych consists of three images shot on film and which were numbered 8, 9 and 10 - hence the title chosen by Nikki. I like them a lot - they are very comfortable images and go together so well. I like their crispness and depth against the black. I like the change of expression from a smile to a glance away to the warmth of the final shot which says as much about Nikki as it does about me. She is a delicate flower, but more hardy than one might think and with a deep intelligence and a thoughtful attitude to her business, her photography and her acquaintances. It was the last ever shoot at the old Create Studios where I met James McDonald at Chris Floyd's private view of the show "One Hundred and Forty Characters", where I was shot by Erin O'Connor, Patrizia Burra and Kenny McCracken and, finally, by Nikki Acott. Happy times. 


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