Thursday, 14 January 2016



It is seven o'clock on a Sunday morning as I write these words. I had already written a piece about my shoot with Amit but I wasn't sure about it so I asked Jane if she could look at it - she said very wisely that if I had misgivings, I should look at it again. I did and scrapped the lot. It just did not do justice to what is a great image. 

Why do I like it so much? I think the key is the middle photograph which leads the image. It shows me strong, relaxed and forthright. The green and the blue show softer sides to my character but Amit was clever enough to put these together in this way to show how multi faceted we all are and using the washed out colours just wraps it all up into an excellent picture. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received this although I should not have been. Amit is a great photographer as one can see from the work on his website. It has style and verve and he cares about the people he photographs. This is exemplified by the photographs of people with Parkinson's Disease in the Corporate section of his website. They have a very positive feel about them even though some of the images show the physical difficulties which those people are experiencing. His respect for them and his compassion are clear. 

People have commented recently that it must be interesting for me to compare the working methods employed by the photographers I work with but I find that I do not compare; I look at each shoot on its own. However, there is a common thread of humanity in that, in just about every case, even if I have never met the photographers before the shoot, they have taken time to think about me, what drives me, influences me and then, magically, this comes through in the eventual image. This is what happened with Amit. I guess that he took a lot of photographs that day but the three comprised in this single image show three sides of my nature that Amit took time to discover but they are also a reflection of his own interest in his fellow human beings.

Amit gave me his card at the Private View at Portrait Salon in November 2015. Two months later, I was being photographed and filmed by him at a studio at PhotoFusion in Brixton. He was very thoughtful in his session with me, anxious that I was comfortable and that meant that I relaxed almost immediately into the poses he wanted me to make. There were two parts to the shoot. The first (at least I think this came first) was taking stills and the second was a video which is going to be part of a larger project which Amit had embarked on, the results of which will be seen in due course. We talked about various things during the shoot such as family, Portrait Salon, The Taylor Wessing prize, my talk at Photo Fusion a few years back and the current exhibition in the Photo Fusion Gallery which he recommended that I look at and I am so glad he did because that is where I came across the work by Paloma Tendero who photographed me subsequently.

It is now 7.35am and I feel much better about what I have written.

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