Monday, 23 November 2015

THREE IN ONE by Georgina Howard

THREE IN ONE by Georgina Howard

I went along to the Portrait Salon exhibition in 2015 to see what I could see and, amongst some great work, was nestling a photograph by Georgina Howard. I do not know who the guy in the picture was but there was something about the way he sat there, an insouciance, that was interesting and, applying my usual criteria for choosing a photographer, I thought "I would like to be in a photograph taken by Georgina Howard" and, as it turned out, I was in three photographs taken by Georgina Howard. And here they are - the first taken in the study at home, the second on an empty floor of the Truman Brewery building and the  third in Palmeira Square in Brighton. Each shoot was good fun and it was interesting to see Georgina at work. She is very relaxed and quietly gregarious if you see what I mean - in other words, she is chatty and there are no awkward silences but she is not a loud person. However, her photographs speak volumes. She draws out this attitude from her subject which seems to explain everything. It is not always easy to decipher one's own mood from a picture. I know that, on that day, we got on very well (after all, we had experienced two shoots already), that I was sad that the project was coming to an end and yet we talked of the possibility of holding an exhibition of the whole project which was exciting . So, my face reflects all this mix of emotions. 

Of the three, I like this one the most. I like Palmeira Square. I like the colours and the contrast of the colours. I like particularly the fact that I am not holding the frame straight and I like seeing myself stand there being photographed by a very nice person and a very thoughtful and seriously talented photographer. 

Below is another photograph from the second shoot which Georgina liked enough to include in a recent exhibition. There is a lot of liking going on but, quite frankly, what's not to like? 

"The vast amount of photographers and the body of work they have created for Tim is striking, as is his motivation for a continual representation of himself throughout the project.
For me the ‘Over the Hill’ Project is a form of self-preservation for Tim, as well as a self-exploration. By the means of having an image within an image within an image, was an exaggerated way for me to portray this.
It was a pleasure and honour to be a part of this project and I am thrilled Tim approached me to contribute.''
                                                                                                            - Georgina Howard (2016)

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