Friday, 27 November 2015

THE MOON AND I by Wendy Lee-Warne and Camille Valbusa

THE MOON AND I by Wendy Lee-Warne and Camille Valbusa

It was at my shoot arranged with Wendy Lee-Warne that I met the charming Camille Valbusa who had kindly agreed to assist Wendy that day. For some reason, Wendy went off to get something in the middle of the shoot and this gave Camille and I the opportunity to chat to each other. She comes from Brazil and has a leaning towards both Documentary and Fine Art Photography. She has a serious face but when she smiles, one can feel the warmth of her personality. She worked well with Wendy that day and it was pleasing to see them support each other and also she made a number of good suggestions during the shoot.

They began to take turns at photographing me (i.e. clicking the shutter) but, in the end, when they produced this image, they could not work out who had taken it but they had worked so much as a team that they suggested that they both be credited with authorship. One tends to make lifetime friends on a long educational course and the mutual co-operation and help they gave each other suggests that this is a friendship which will endure.

Again, the light in this picture is what is so striking on first viewing, the ivory tone (almost the colour of moonlight) given to my skin is accentuated by the black background - of course, l have no idea how they achieved this or what I am really talking about but all I can say is that it is an excellent photograph taken by two very talented and resourceful students and, most importantly, we all had a great time that day. It is interesting noting the ageing process - my shoulders are more hunched, my neck fuller and my mouth set in what has become a familiar, Parkinsonian and post DBS, downward curve and my eyes staring ahead - maybe I was also tired that day, who knows? I do find myself sometimes looking at this photograph and saying "Sit up straight, shoulders back, relax" and then at other times accepting me as I was caught at that moment. 

I recall my daughter speaking the words of Yum-Yum in the Mikado - 

"Yes, I am indeed beautiful! Sometimes I sit and wonder, in my artless Japanese way, why is it that I am so much more attractive than anyone else in the whole world, Can this be vanity? No! Nature is lovely and rejoices in her loveliness. I am a child of Nature and take after my mother"


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