Wednesday, 28 October 2015



I came across Jennifer's work in August 2015 and I was immediately struck by its painterly quality; everything seemed to be brushed by light and shadow very gently and silently. In particular, I loved her photographs of empty places not only buildings but also rooms, fields and beds - and I thought her series "Where the light ends" was exceptional. After a short period of correspondence, we talked on the telephone and arranged a shoot on 28th October 2015. She came to my house in Brighton and we got on extremely well. We chatted first and had a cup of tea and then I showed her round the house so that she could choose where she wanted to shoot me. This was taken in my study and it takes me back to when I was undergoing my articles of clerkship at the solicitors, Raper & Co, in Chichester. I had in fact been offered articles by another firm but they reneged on the offer and I was put in touch with Rapers by Cathy Underhill with whom I had worked briefly at the Festival Theatre and whose father, Rodney Underhill, was the senior partner of the firm. He had a magnificent partner's desk in his room but in the winter he would change positions and sit on the opposite side of the desk to avoid the lowering sun getting in his eyes. I haven't got the same amount of space as he had so I have to make do with a blind.

I cannot remember how many rolls of film Jennifer took that day - it may have only been one - but we had a lovely afternoon and, of course, I subjected her to some of my films which she seemed to enjoy - did you enjoy them Jennifer? Yes, I think she did.

Jennifer arranged for the photographs to be developed and I loved them all when I received them. This was my favourite because she has captured me in a very spontaneous way; I am very relaxed and it is almost as if Jennifer was not there. But she was there because, otherwise, how could I have such unique and beautiful photographs? Jennifer is a supreme artist. She is unassuming and demure but there is a strong character underneath and that combination of gentility and strength will ensure that she will continue to be a very successful photographer. 

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