Wednesday, 9 September 2015



9th September 2015. The day I met Maria (I feel a song coming on). Twitter suggested her to me and, when I looked at her work, I thought "Yes please" and that is what she said when I wrote to her asking if she would photograph me. She wanted to photograph me in my environment but I dissuaded her as I had had so many photographs taken in my house before. We chased each other over the next few weeks and eventually she asked me if I would like to shoot a photograph and a video at Four Corners Studio in East London where she had an art residency. "Please say yes" she said. I said "Yes".

This was another of those odd occasions when I came to a place where I had been shot before but from a different direction and, as I arrived, I thought "I have been here before" and I had when I was shot by Niccolo Fano and when I came to an exhibition curated by Clare Hewitt.

Now, my memory is not what it was. It used to be....oh I don't know.....better. And so, my recollection of the shoot is a little vague in so far as the concept behind the video is concerned but I don't think that really matters because the video hasn't been released yet and so perhaps it would be a shame to spoil the surprise. But suffice to say that we had fun. Maria is a serious person and she takes her work seriously but she has a quiet smile and when this appears it is like the sun peaking out from behind a cloud and you can't help smiling back. Once we had finished with shooting the video, Maria put the camera on a self-timer and we took these two stills - happy reminders of a happy shoot.

When I first wrote to Maria, I said ''Hello Maria, I came across your work today by chance through Twitter. I think it is incredibly interesting on so many levels but it is the connection with people that l like so much. Your love or interest in Humanity - it must be love, as the song goes............''

Have a look at her website and see for yourself. Go on, you'll be pleased you did.

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