Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LOST by Izaskun Gonzalez

LOST by Izaskun Gonzalez

Location: Epping Forest. Date: 16th September 2015. Weather: wet. Ground: muddy with puddles. Photography and Make-up: Izaskun Gonzalez. Model: Me. Two year old asleep in buggy all through shoot: Izaskun's little girl. Add the odd dog walker and the threat of rain and what have you got? This amazingly weird photograph of my overweight 64 year old body which has clearly seen better days and yet, if I had been a lithe 63 year old, would it have worked any better? Well, with a great photographic artist like Izaskun, it probably would have but this project is not about making me look good but me being documented by different photographers during this part of my life and, if I am a pasty, flabby, sad clown then so be it. I don't want to to be flabby but I have a sweet tooth and, until recently, little self control. I get tired more easily and so I snack to keep myself awake whereas a nap would be the obvious answer. But, but, I am turning the corner. Sad? Sometimes but not for long. Clown? I think so, in a sort of understated way.

Enough of me. What about Izaskun? Her photography is absolutely stunning and if or when you look at her website, I am sure that you will agree. It is full of romance, colour and imagination. As she says, she is intensely fascinated by human nature, pleasure seeking, addictions and other forms of extreme and obsessive activities. She thrusts her brain into a different gear when she takes hold of a camera and uses it to glorify the bizarre and the grotesque and infuses it with a sly but benign humour. This was one of the last shots of the shoot. The rain held off to enable us to set up shots of me wearing a clown outfit by a small muddy pond and then again further in the woods where we chatted briefly to a dog walker who wasn't surprised to be speaking to a man dressed as a clown. "Oh my husband usually walks the dog and he's seen all sorts in here - girls with hardly nothing on, all sorts". She walked on and it was then that I suggested I unwrap the paste and flab for this picture to which Izaskun readily agreed.

I got dressed and we returned to the car. With perfect timing, Izaskun's little girl woke up oblivious to what had been happening over the last hour and a bit. I was dropped off at the tube, kissed Izaskun goodbye, waved at her gorgeous bleary-eyed child in the back and that was it. A lovely little shoot with a charming woman who is an exceptional photographer   


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