Wednesday, 16 September 2015

ANOTHER TAUREAN by Isabella Bambagioni

ANOTHER TAUREAN by Isabella Bambagioni
We were having coffee in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Old Street and I thought fleetingly, how strange it is that we go to Vietnamese restaurants and students travel to places like Cambodia and yet, not long ago, we were hearing about the Khmer Rouge wreaking havoc and the US dropping bombs.

"When is your birthday?", she asked, in a matter of fact way and yet her bright eyes seemed earnestly to be searching some connection.
I knew that my answer would be significant.
''18th May" I said, my eyes returning her gaze with equal intensity. I knew. I was right.
"Oh my God!" she choked. "Oh my God - you're kidding, right?".
Tears welled up in her eyes. I smiled at the sudden loss of her composure, at the involuntary whoosh of emotion.
I remained calm. I knew, somehow I knew.
By the time that we strolled down the street towards the Underground, she had regained her poise and she walked tall (taller than me) and confidently.

Isabella Bambagioni is Italian, born in Bejing and now living and working in London. She has a handsome boyfriend called Jack, loving parents and a sister whom she adores. She is an excellent photographer. On the day she was born, 18th May 1995, I took the afternoon off and went up to London to watch Kieslowski's "Three Colours White" at the Gate Cinema in Notting Hill. I was 44 and probably already had the first little drips of Parkinson's Disease inside me.

Later we met at the tube station near Epping Forest and we walked deep into the undergrowth and Isabella took some shots and we talked about her family, her work, my family, my work. Then we set up a shoot at The London College of Communication. It was meant to be the start of a long collaboration but I guess life intervened and there have been no more shoots.

Isabella is young and has a wisdom that belies her years. She is enthusiastic, intuitive and impulsive. She loves photography and yet I can see her move on to other things in the future. There is no limit to what she can achieve.


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