Friday, 29 May 2015

60 MINUTES by Tina Rowe Part Two

60 MINUTES by Tina Rowe

So this is how they all ended up -  brilliant isn't it? I had to ask Tina to remind me what the hell she was doing and how she was going going to do it and she told me so now I can tell you. She took the photographs over the period of an hour during which we chatted and she told me of her life in Worcestershire and Poland.

Getting there

The photographs were taken with a polaroid back on a Hasselblad camera and afterwards, after I had gone, Tina removed the emulsion from the backing of each print, leaving a transparent image like an old slide but very thin. This was done by pouring hot water on the image and soaking it until the emulsion comes off and then each image was moved to another surface, in this case wooden blocks. She said that knowing she was going to effectively destroy the shots certainly made her more considered.

That's me under there

I love the fact that these are so delicate and are not digitised. I have absolutely nothing against digital photography but I do like the fact that, in this case, the image exists in this state rather than in computer land. 

TIna at work

Tina explained at the outset that she was very new to portraiture but she had all these weird and wonderful ideas that I felt the combination of her fertile imagination and my figure would produce something very interesting and so it came to pass. To be part of such a process makes my toes curl, with pleasure, and I want more. I had do idea what the collaboration with Tina would produce but I knew from the work shown on her website that it would produce something unique.


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