Sunday, 26 April 2015


There is no photograph to accompany this post but it has everything to do with my photographic project. In the the eight years I have been photographed I have met many wonderful people, hugely talented artists each one, but what I have loved most are the friendships I have forged with people that, in the normal course of events, I would never have met.

One such person is Natalie Dybisz who some of you may be aware lost Evan, the son born to her and Matthew. Well, Evan now has a sister and she is Lilith and I am so happy for the family that has borne such sadness and such joy. They have learned things about our existence in this world that many people will never learn - it is all so magical. 

Natalie, Matthew, Evan and Lilith - I send my fondest love to you all and my grateful thanks for having been guided towards you by Natalie's wonderful, beautiful and magical artistry and love. 

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