Friday, 6 March 2015

TRANQUILITY by Celine Marchbank

TRANQUILITY by Celine Marchbank
I liked Celine's work a lot when I first looked at her website after coming across her name on Twitter but it was the way she talked about her late mother that affected me particularly. I wrote and told her so and explained that my late sister had died in the month of October, although many years before her mother who had also died in the month of October. Nothing especially significant in that except Celine loved her mother and I loved my sister, Janet, and when one knows that someone else has experienced the same loss, there is an immediate connection. I don't know. Somehow, it was important.

The shoot was arranged quite quickly and on 6th March 2015, Celine arrived on our doorstep. Her eyes said a lot about her sensitivity and calmness and it did not surprise me to hear that two of her photographer friends were Laura Hynd who had photographed me in 2011 and Briony Campbell who had photographed me in 2014 as both Laura and Briony are thoughtful and empathetic people. We chatted with Jane for a short while and then I showed her around the house and she plumped for our sitting room as a suitable location. I am in the process of making a special film for Easter one scene of which was going to involve a jigsaw - I say 'was' because I am not a jigsaw person and so, based on my progress so far, I think this jigsaw scene may have to wait until 2016. Anyway, Celine was happy to record me puzzling over it whilst I chatted about various things - family, possessions, previous shoots. 

It was a very laidback and quiet shoot and we both knew when it had come to the end. Normally, I can be quite frustrated that I have to stop but this time it didn't seem to matter so much. The morning just rolled out like a rug and when the last bit flopped down with the last click of Celine's camera, we stood back and thought "Yeah, that will do". Celine indulged me by watching some of my films afterwards and then she left as quietly and unobtrusively as she had arrived.

A couple of weeks passed. I received a set of five photographs all the same, all different, all beautiful. I could have chosen any one of them and it would have been the perfect choice. I wrote to say that I was very pleased and very proud of Celine, her work and the image that I had chosen. She replied approving my choice and she ended her message by saying that she hoped our paths cross again at some point. They might do. They might not. But what a nice thing to hope for.

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  1. I love the light in this. It's so quiet and beautiful and the tone in your post matches the mood of the photograph perfectly.