Wednesday, 4 February 2015

BELIEF by Hannah Lucy Jones

BELIEF by Hannah Lucy Jones
You know that friend that you had at school? The one who was always there but you never had any awkwardness with? He was just there. And when it was time to go home, you didn't ask him to join you but you always walked home together, bumping shoulders and maybe sharing the odd licorice pipe or two? No? Oh well, you lost out there then. Anyway, well that is what walking round Brighton with Hannah taking photographs was like. Except she has prettier eyes than my schoolfriend. My guess is that my schoolfriend was the better footballer though. He had a mean right foot shot and could dribble for England. But then I have never seen Hannah play football so how can I judge?

When she began to follow me on Twitter, I looked up her work and liked what I saw. Very much. It was full of life, of interest and of passion. We met and guess what? She was lively, interested and passionate about her art. We talked at length and agreed to proceed with the shoot on 4th February 2015. She came round to my house and chained her bike to our railings and we set off on a little jaunt to the beach. We ambled along the front and talked a great deal. We ended up eating Knickerbocker Glorys in a Diner facing the sea. Then we returned to try some shots in the bedroom and the bathroom. As we finished in the bathroom, she asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do. A voice in my head yelled out "Yes! The same again - with knobs on!!" but they stayed in my head and I only told her afterwards. Words. Only words. 

Some while later, as agreed, we sifted through the shots together and agreed a shortlist to choose from. However, there were some she had taken on film which were to be thrown into the mix and, when I saw those, I knew immediately that this was the one. I love the washed out tone, the engaging look into the lens. The smugness. Simple and effective. Just before she sent this last batch to me, she apologised for the time it had taken her but no apology was needed. Why apologise when sending me such great images and having spent so much time on taking the photographs in the first place? Because that is her way. She wants to do her best for everyone but sometimes there are not enough hours in the day but then she finds space and works hard on what she has done and this is the result. My photograph by Hannah Lucy Jones. Her belief. My faith. Words, only words. 


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