Monday, 5 May 2014

CUPID'S BOW by Clare Park

CUPID'S BOW by ClarePark

I first met Clare just over three years ago when I attended a Private View of a series of her photographs of Buz Williams, a guy who also has Parkinson's Disease. The photographs I saw that evening were technically brilliant. Beautifully clear and sharp and vibrant. She said hello when I went up to her and I could see her sizing me up but, unlike most people in that situation, her mind was not elsewhere. She looked at me - I mean, she really looked at me and took me in. I could not wait to work with her. Since then, she has become a great friend and it is difficult to remember how it used to be but I think we were friends from the moment we met. 

Since 2011, she has photographed me a number of times and this shot is one of the last of a long line of amazing images which she has produced. How does she do it? Well, as I have already said, she is technically very adept. But there is so much more than that - it goes so deep. She is a supreme artist, she is grounded, she is a poet and she is a dancer who moves and speaks with grace and beauty. No words are wasted, no gestures are meaningless, no smile is false. 

This is one of the few times when I have included in my project a second photograph by a photographer but quite honestly every photograph of me by Clare should be included.

Of this photograph, the full title of which is 'Cupid's Bow: Nerve Endings and Nerve Beginnings', she writes "Tim's photographic experiences in making ‘Over the Hill’ have usually been solo interludes with many different photographers. As his project took shape, I increasingly thought about capturing in some subtle way Tim’s constant, his scaffold, his love...his effervescent wife Jane. In my mind’s eye the picture was meant to honour this bond between husband and wife. On May 5th 2014 we translated my idea and for that short moment I was a fellow traveller in their extraordinary journey together..."

She is Clare - my friend, my chronicler, my surprise.

Confrontation (2011)
Mummy (2013)
Feeling the Light (2013)

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