Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I heard this morning from Tiff Oben that Kim Fielding had died yesterday. I was so sad to hear this news. Kim was an amazing person - very irritating but easygoing, egotistical in the nicest way but very humble, inquisitive, interested, interesting, great fun, warm, human, flamboyant, loving, imaginative, brave, larger than life and unique.

I was on the Fourth Plinth in 2009 and through that, I made contact with Tiff Oben who put me in touch with Kim. Kim didn't know me from Adam but invited me to stay with him in Cardiff when I went there in 2011 to be photographed by Tiff. He photographed me too in his basement and was willing to try out all sorts of poses and ideas. I returned to Cardiff in 2013 and arranged to meet Kim in the Museum - he was almost an hour late and I couldn't get hold of him on his mobile. I was getting more and more pissed off but then he arrived with that silly, warm smile of his and suddenly everything was alright. We met the following evening for another shoot and again he was up for experimenting. 

I shall leave others to talk of his running of the Tactile Bosch Arts Centre in Cardiff with its leaking roof because I didn't have much to do with that but, by all accounts, he was an innovative and inclusive curator.

All I shall say is that the artistic community of Cardiff has lost someone very special and I have lost a lovely, silly, talented friend. Goodbye Kim.


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