Thursday, 6 February 2014

BRAIN IMPERIAL by Henrietta Bowden-Jones

BRAIN IMPERIAL by Henrietta Bowden-Jones

In January 2014, I was sent a preview of a Private View of an exhibition at Candid Arts in Islington, London and I was interested because some of the photographs from my project had been exhibited there as part of the Impact Art Fair. Incidentally, a German guy, Ule Maegdefrauwho also exhibited there expressed a great interest in the photographs so much so that he asked if he could take them back to Berlin for an exhibition there. We never saw him or the photographs again...........another story, another blogpost. Anyway, back to Henrietta  - one thing which in particular intrigued me was that, apart from being a photographer, she was also a medical doctor and a neuroscience researcher working as a Consultant Psychiatrist in addictions. One of the side effects of the drug, Mirapexin, which I was taking is a propensity to gamble and Henrietta is the founder and director of The National Problem Gambling Clinic in London.

So, I wrote to Henrietta asking if she would photograph me and she readily agreed and less than a month later, we met in a cafe in South Kensington to chat and then go on to Imperial College where she wanted to take the photograph. We got on very well and then we sloped off to the reception hall of Imperial College, where she took this photograph on her iPhone because, unfortunately, her normal camera had developed a problem with the lens. Nevertheless, it really works well and I love the splash of colour within the image of the brain behind me. 

Henrietta is one of the nicest people - a very busy person with an enquiring mind and with so many interests that every conversation, every email, every communication is choc full of interesting snippets and ideas. So thank you Doctor Henrietta Bowden-Jones, MRC Psych, BA (Hons), DOcc Med, MD (Imperial). Director and Lead Clinician, National Problem Gambling Clinic, London, Addictions Directorate, Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust, Royal College of Psychiatrists Spokesperson on Behavioural Addictions, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Division of Brain Science, Imperial College and Member of the UK Government's Responsible Gambling Strategy Board or Etta as I now call her.

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