Monday, 20 January 2014

I AM by Jeronimo Sanz

I AM by Jeronimo Sanz

Jeronimo lives in Brazil but, when I saw and fell in love with his work on Flickr, I was not aware of that and thought that, wherever it was that he lived, perhaps just perhaps he might be willing to take my photograph and produce an image in his unique style. I am very fortunate in that most of the photographers whom I approach agree to photograph me; nevertheless, every time one says yes, I am always thrilled and surprised and so it was with Jeronimo. The images on his Flickr Photostream are full of gorgeous colour and vitality. One particularly called "Branch" caught my eye and it wasn't just the beautiful wash of red and blue and gold but the untold story of a small boy out on his own casting a glance at the shadows of the birds flying overhead and thinking possibly ''what is it like to fly?". Indeed, his pictures do have an unashamed childlike quality that reflects his open eyed wonder about nature and the worlds, both real and make believe, that children inhabit. Jeronimo was very excited by my approach and asked me to send him a picture of my full body with a good amount of space around it where he could work his ''magic'' that is, edit a seemingly ordinary image and turn it into something more poetic through multiple exposures.

I had taken a number of self portraits over the last few years and thought it would be good to send him some. In the end, I sent him about a dozen and, abracadabra, he worked his magic and produced this. It was accompanied by a poem, the english translation of which is set out below. The image says so much - I am stepping carefully, as I do now increasingly because of my ''freezing'' and problems with balance and yet I am bearing the almighty burden not only of my illness but of my unrelenting desire to live my life to the full. The other ''me'' is bursting out of my brain and opening my arms out wide to embrace whatever the world has to offer, good or bad. As I have said so many times before, it is the shoot that I enjoy the most in any collaboration but in this case, I had already enjoyed that but I have had the joy of communication with this magical man.

One day we shall meet and hug in the warmth of a true friendship that has grown from nothing in such a very short time. I am an earthquake!
I Am
I am an earthquake
My roots dance
Ballrooms of tectonic plates
Rivers of lava
My blood boils
Flowers of fire
The spring trembles through my skin
In an ongoing eruption of life
Explosions that pronounce my name
My commitment is intensity
My association is the change
I am allied to the space
See, my fianceƩ approaches
And when this horizon lifts me up
Like a whip of stars
I will dive to whip
And kiss the back of the land
Since I am a force of nature
And you didn't see me coming
I am an earthquake!

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