Monday, 2 December 2013


Arthur Wiggle and Maurice Woggle

These are "The Wiggle Woggles" who appear in my short film of the same name which you can find on You Tube. This has nothing to do with my photographic project, "Over the Hill" as such except that, if it wasn't for Parkinson's Disease, I would never have started the project in the first place and may never have had the time to start making my own silly films such as this classic. 

The film started off as so many of mine do with the purchase of a record at our local Oxfam charity shop (one of the best in Brighton). This record was a 78rpm recording of a Xylophone tune. I was at a loose end one day and so, inspired by the tune, I raided my dressing up box (doesn't everyone have one?) and put on these clothes and within about an hour, The Wiggle Woggles were born.

This film is one of Jane's favourites and it is now enjoying its first public performance at "!MAGICK! House", an artist's open house at 43, Orange Row, Brighton BN1 1UG (at the back of Gardner Street) as part of Brighton's Christmas Open Houses. It is being shown along with lots of other very interesting exhibits including a brilliant new painting by Jane "2 Steps Back" which can now be viewed on her website. The house is open for viewing from 11am to 4.30pm on weekends only from now until 15th December (incidentally, our 34th wedding anniversary). 

Wiggle Woggle cards can be purchased for £1 each at the Open House and a DVD containing two films can be ordered for the cost of £5 each by emailing me at - all profits will go to Parkinson's UK.


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