Friday, 4 October 2013



So, Jane discovered the work of the amazingly quirky JoWonder, Artist, Performer, Filmmaker, Photographer and even Stand-up comedian and, what with one thing and another, Jo found herself living in a our basement for a couple of months, having decided to move out of London. Jane and Jo became friends and, as their friendship grew, I began to get to know her as well. She is like a little fairy who flitters about delivering little wandfuls of magic dust to people, sometimes whether they like it or not. Well, they usually end up liking it because she is such a unique bundle of fun. She looks like a pretty doll but has a cackling laugh which is beautifully infectious.

She is interested in so much and liked the sound of my project and either because of that or because she recognised something angelic in my make up or because of nothing, she suggested this photograph which I was more than happy to do even though I had not really seen much of her photography but had seen some of her movies which in turn are bizarre, witty, animated, fresh and intelligent. 

So very early one morning, I walked down Montpelier Road with her and she photographed the empty street and then photographed me dodging the the odd car that roared through the 20 mph limit recently imposed in certain areas of Brighton.

And then she presented me with this fun diptych. The Brighton Angel by the one and only wonderful JoWonder!


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