Sunday, 20 October 2013

SPELLBOUND by Svetlana Masterova

SPELLBOUND by Svetlana Masterova

Svetlana is bonkers but bonkers in the most delightful and endearing way and notwithstanding her bonkerism, she is a very dedicated and talented photographic artist. I came across her work on the Women Erotic Artists (WEA) website. Yes, I know what you're thinking - what was I doing in the Lingerie Department of Marks & Spencer last Tuesday afternoon? Well, I was looking for a present for my plumber and lost my way if it's anyone else's business. No, seriously, Jo Wonder (who has also photographed me) was in email correspondence with me concerning the inclusion of my "Wiggle Woggles" film in an Open House she was organising and in her email there was a link to the WEA website so naturally I clicked on the link to look for photographers and found Svetlana's work and a link to her website. The work on her website was excellent and I could see in her portraits that she was really engaging with her subjects and that is what I love to do with a photographer and so I had no hesitation in writing to her asking if she would photograph me.

She agreed straightaway and said that she would like to come to Brighton to do the shoot and mentioned that she had only photographed a male nude once before and that, apart from that, it had always been women and that she felt men were more body conscious and therefore had little experience in this area but that if I was still interested we could choose a day and shoot something beautiful. She then looked at some of the other images in my project and admitted that she was now "officially nervous".

Anyway, she came down and she burst into my life like a mini tornado. She is such an emotional vibrant personality with a wonderfully droll sense of humour. It was such fun and, as we got to know and trust each other, we relaxed into the dizziest of dizzy shoots and the time flew by. I loved this image when I received it shortly after and told Svetlana that I loved it and that I loved her and, of course, did the honourable thing and asked her to marry me. Of course, she was completely overcome and admitted to crying on reading this but not hysterically. But, seriously, I love the picture because it completely sums up how we were motoring at that stage with complete abandon. It was a special day with a special person and it is documented in a special photograph, the specialness of which is almost too difficult to put into words, as you can see. 

So, here we are "Spellbound" by the magical wizard of photography, Svetlana Masterova - Красивый, веселый, специальный человек.

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