Monday, 15 July 2013


Clockwise from top right: Photos by Alma Haser, Chris Floyd, Harry Borden and Brian David Stevens. Centre: Luca Sage

On what must have been the nicest Saturday of the year weather-wise, 13th July 2013, the wonderful Mini-Click organisation held an event in Brighton at which I was invited to speak along with five of "my" photographers namely, Harry Borden, Chris Floyd, Alma Haser, Luca Sage and Brian David Stevens. I was asked to get there at 10.30am and sure enough, I arrived at 10.40 having ploughed my way through hordes of day trippers marching purposefully down Queens Road from the railway station on their way to the beach. I had paused only to slip into Tesco Express to test a shelf-filler with the tricky question "Where are the pork pies?" to which he replied with a mumbled "porkpiesporkpiesporkpies....."whilst dragging his forefinger with mock concern over some labels on which he was stacking cold meats of various kinds eg Beef, ham, turkey, horse. After what seemed like three minutes I decided to put him out of his misery and pursue a different subject of enquiry to which he replied "The square root of 94 sir? I think you will find that this is what you're looking for" and he handed me a scotch egg.

The basic theme of the day was Portraiture although other subjects came up including "How to photograph Paul McCartney", "Which famous 60s photographer was shot with his finger up his dog's fanny?" and "Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur?".

I was first up and rattled on for about 15 minutes about my project and showed about 20 photographs and then the others followed talking about their own work as well as their collaborations with me. They were all extremely interesting and entertaining as I am sure that members of the audience will confirm. What struck me particularly was that it made me realise even more why I love the shoots so much. It is because I get to meet and work with these people and to experience what they described on the day (apart from the canine petting) and that is why the project is still ongoing. I'm sorry but I'm not expressing myself very well but I hope you get the drift.

We knocked off for lunch at about 1pm and enjoyed drinks from the bar, picnic treats and thought provoking conversation with members of the audience until we returned for a Q & A session led very adeptly by Jim Stephenson. We finally finished at about 3.45pm and, after a few more drinks, I left for home and fought my way again through a slightly pinker version of the same horde of day trippers whom I had met earlier in the day ......

A splendid day meeting old friends and new.

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