Monday, 27 May 2013


This is from Vanessa's new series of photographs for her book "She Dances on Jackson" and isn't it beautiful? There is a great article by Sean O'Hagan on these pictures in The Guardian.

Vanessa photographed me as long ago as 2010 and this is the post. She is consumed by her passion for photography and believe me, every shot is considered and mulled over and then, eventually, 'click' that decisive, delicious moment when she packs it away into her camera. She takes it all so seriously and then she turns to speak to you with a smile that ripples through you with warmth and love. Look at this woman above - look at the knowledge, the wisdom, the intellect in her eyes and imagine the look in Vanessa's eyes coming back the other way. Now that is communication.

Thank goodness that there is a Vanessa Winship in this world and that one day many years ago she decided for the first time that she wanted to take a photograph. 'Take' seems to be the wrong word - it is a gift.

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  1. Beautiful words on beautiful work, Tim. I love the hands in the portrait...all gentle tension.