Sunday, 26 May 2013


2nd June 2013 will be a special, special day for me. That is when, first of all, I shall be opening the exhibition of some of the photographs from Over the Hill at Farley Farm Gallery which is in the grounds of Farley Farm, the former home of the late, great Lee Miller. But, even more exciting is the fact that it is a joint exhibition with Jane, whose wonderful paintings will be on show.

I have written about Lee Miller before and also about Jane and so I shall leave you to look at those posts again if you wish. All I shall add is that Jane has been an absolute rock in a very difficult place and yet....and yet she has produced some astounding work. How? Because she is a brilliant artist and it is all there bursting to come out onto the canvas. Why? She has this urge to communicate her ideas, her comedy and her passion for life and art. 

Sometimes, I sit near her at home and look at her and I imagine all the little cogs and wheels in her brain turning over at a hundred miles an hour or revs per second - well, very fast anyway - and then, suddenly, her eyebrow lifts and another idea has formed in her mind and a few weeks or months or possibly days later, that thought finds itself in a piece of brushwork on a canvas in her studio. She is an incredibly generous partner, a mother with an infinite capacity for love, a woman in every sense of that word and an artist of enormous power. 

Jane Andrews at Farley Farm every Sunday from 2nd June to 31st July. Don't go for that walk, that drink at the pub, that Sunday matinee at the cinema, that visit to Granny, that trip to Ikea, that couple of hours in the study to complete your tax return, that Garden Centre, that coffee with your best friend, that weekly shop at Sainsbury's, that hour in Fitness First or those few hours in the office just to catch up (I'll let you into a secret - you never will). Go to Farley Farm to see Don't Look Back by Jane Andrews and feast your eyes. Then tell your fellow rambler, the guy in the pub, the usherette, your grandmother, the cashier in Ikea, the Inland Revenue, the trees, your best friend, the person behind you in the queue at the supermarket, your personal trainer or your secretary all about it. 

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