Thursday, 30 May 2013


Figure of Speech Series 1 - Emma Critchley

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed, well, so far away.
It was a beautiful day. I had hardly slept the two nights 
before and I was meeting Emma Critchley for a shoot 
where I would be photographed underwater. I drove to 
the pool in Lancing but I was late because I had fallen 
asleep but it was one of those deep refreshing sleeps
and so it really set me up for the session with Emma.
I first saw Emma's brilliant work over four years ago when 
another Emma (Davies) sent me some examples of her
work as she wanted to try something similar. Then I 
made contact myself and we met a couple of times and 
talked about what we would do. She wanted to film me as 
well as take stills. I was a bit nervous because, although I
love to swim, I hadn't been swimming since last summer
and, in the meantime, my health had deteriorated. 

I needn't have worried. Emma was very gentle with me
and didn't push me too hard but I tell you something - 
it was glorious swimming again because my legs work
in the water. I felt normal again for a few hours. I just want
to swim and swim now.

It was a delicious feeling just pushing out into the water and
I was naked most of the time which is my preferred method
of aquatic travel. For ''one brief shining moment'', I was the
old Tim again. I am not a very good swimmer and breast
stroke is really all I can do but I love the physicality of 
swimming and the weightlessness. It was truly a beautiful
day with Emma and her assistant Hannah. I am so lucky.

I shall write about Emma and her work more fully once we 
have chosen a photograph to represent her in my project. 

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