Monday, 18 March 2013



Sometimes, you meet a guy with boundless enthusiasm who says he's a photographer and he'd like to photograph you and you think "Yeah, you can photograph me" even though you have never seen any of his work and you tell the guy this and he is even more enthusiastic than when he asked you in the first place. James MacDonald on the other hand, is a miserable sod and is the last person you would want to spend any time with let alone allow him to take a photograph. Just kidding everyone, James was that guy! 

I was at the Private View of Chris Floyd's 140 Characters at Create in Brighton and this guy......hang on, I've done that bit. Anyway, that was the first time I met James and his happy, bright face and I had no hesitation in saying that we could work together because I just knew it would be good and it was. 

We scheduled the shoot quite quickly in a house in Brighton owned by a friend of his. James had previously taken some photographs of International Rugby players and they had evolved into these gladiatorial poses which he wanted me to try out. It was great to see James again because he is always so UP and that infused me witha confidence to pose with a certain strength. I loved it. I felt good. It felt good and then when I got the photographs, they looked very good. This was my favourite and James liked it a lot too. So here we are - a great shot by a really nice guy. The sort of guy you want to bump into in a bar and have a drink with - no pressure - just a relaxing drink and a chat. It doesn't sound much and, in some ways, it isn't but it is in fact one of the great pleasures in life. And that sums up James - a great pleasure to work with and chat to. What more could you want? 

And don't you just love the way the light hits my hand as it hangs over the cane in the second shot? Mmm.

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  1. Hey thank you Tim! It was a pleasure to shoot with you...hope we can do more?