Monday, 25 March 2013

BEAUTIFUL MIND by Jocelyn Allen

BEAUTIFUL MIND by Jocelyn Allen

I met Jocelyn at the press launch in London for the Guernsey Photography Festival in 2011 but I had already written to her asking if she would like to photograph me. Anyway, I think we must have discussed my project when we met as she confirmed afterwards by email that she would be happy to take part. There was quite a long delay due to the house move initially and then due to this and that but eventually, she had to come to Brighton for a talk at MiniClick and took the opportunity to come by the house and take some photographs. I am concerned that the house isn't photographed to death but the great thing about this photograph (a minor great thing amongst many major great things) is that you cannot tell where it was taken.

What are the other great things about the photograph? Well, where do I start?  Look at it  - it such a clear, simple image. How many photographs of a man have you seen with his eyes closed? Hundreds? Thousands? Probably. But how many photographs of a man with his eyes closed of this calibre have you seen? Not hundreds and not thousands but very, very few. I love the way I am stretching the skin of my eyelids back to clear my face even more to lay it open to the viewer as if I am wiping away all unnecessary thoughts, all superfluity, leaving just a clear simple image of beauty. And my hands are not only pulling aside my skin they are pressing into my brain trying to keep my mind in place, in check, for as long they can.

It is an image of such beauty, such simplicity and such power that it could only have been taken by a photographer of such insight, such intelligence and such sensitivity as Jocelyn Allen.

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