Saturday, 9 February 2013


In July 2010, the brilliant photographer and ace tweeter, Chris Floyd, decided to begin photographing people that he followed on Twitter. The idea came to him when he realised that he had not seen or spoken any of his best real and actual friends for over a month. However, in contrast, he communicated with some of the people on Twitter several times a week. The project began and continued until, one day, he counted the number of shots to date which totalled 130 odd. He knew where it had to end - at 140 characters - the maximum allowed in a tweet.

The exceptional photographs are on display at Create in Brighton until 24th February and I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Private View. It is a very interesting show that says as much about Chris as it does about the subjects of his wonderful images. As I said to someone on the night (it might even have been the man himself), only Chris Floyd could have taken these pictures. They are snazzy, fun, crisp, black and white gems, to be treasured forever. Chris is a fun guy but he is deadly serious about the quality of his work and boy, does it show. I urge you to get along to see a scintillating collection of portraits by one of the UK's finest photographers. 

Also, alongside the exhibition, Create are offering the public the chance to have a private portrait session with Chris on 23rd and 24th February. You'd be mad to pass up this opportunity. 

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  1. Hello Tim, my name is Jason Wilde and guess what, I am a photographer currently working on a portrait project. I think your idea of taking part in portrait projects is a cracker of and well done to you.

    My project is called Jason Wilde's Free Portrait Studio and is currently 1154 portraits big. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend and after reading it I thought I'd get in touch. I may have read this wrong but are you still looking for projects to take part in?

    More info on my project can be seen at