Tuesday, 2 October 2012

SO? by Silvia Anguelova

SO? by Silvia Anguelova
Silvia Anguelova was born in Bulgaria and I saw her work showcased on the London Photographers' Association website and then looked up her gloriously dark and bloody images on her own site and just had to write to her asking if she would consider photographing me. I was not entirely sure she would say yes as she had declared on one particular site that the Woman takes a central role in her work. She went on to say that she wanted to question the nature of women and femininity in today's society. However, what interested me was the similarities between this investigation and my wife Jane's recent series of paintings "Station of the Skirt" where women's roles and status are examined sometimes quite severely. Apart from this, Silvia's photographs were so luscious that I was eager to be given the same treatment as her female models not least because I have always wanted to be a woman myself. As I have said many times, I am a lesbian.

Silvia said yes and, in a very short period of time, I found myself in her home studio in Barking having false blood dripped on me and holding a dead bird both naked and dressed in my suit. Silvia was a delightful companion for the hour or two it took to complete the shoot and she was ably assisted by her lovely friend, Svetla Georgieva. We had good fun and chatted about all sorts of things and I was even given the opportunity to show them a couple of my films on You Tube!

Silvia sent me two images afterwards both of which I loved but this one was clearly my preferred choice because of the look that the dressed me is giving to the camera  - hence the title. Silvia was very happy with my choice and the title so I give you a wonderful photograph by the very talented Silvia Anguelova whose reputation will grow and allow her to become one of the most successful visual artists of our time. I'm not kidding - her work is superb and she has a drive and energy and a free style that will ensure that she enjoys great success in the future

I read somewhere that Silvia's work is a combination of "wonder, beauty and disbelief". Why would I not want to be photographed by her?!? Hang on a minute, I didn't imagine it - I have been photographed by her! 

It was a dream.

WEBSITE: http://silviaanguelova.com/

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