Friday, 16 November 2012

ALL OF ME by Nick Wiltshire

ALL OF ME by Nick Wiltshire

Nick Wiltshire is a photographic artist from Tring in Hertfordshire whose work was brought to my notice by an article in "SEE" Magazine which had been published in connection with the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival held in October 2012. I thought his multi layered portraits were fascinating and told him so. He was very pleased to partake in my project and asked if he could photograph me in my home environment which he did on 16th November 2012.

What I love about this picture is that not only is it beautifully constructed but also it includes a number of different locations about our house and a number of different possessions too, all of which have special associations. It comprises all of me, or almost all of me, in one image. When I exhibited about 40 of the photographs from my project in Guernsey in 2011 as part of their Photography Festival, I came out of the Gallery with a visitor and she turned to me and asked "Which one of those photographs is you?" and I replied "All of them". It reminded me of a time when I attended the funeral of an old friend of my mother's. The Church was packed and the vicar conducting the service went into the pulpit and cast his eyes over the congregation and said that each of us had a story to tell of the deceased and had particular memories and all of these went together to make up the whole person. And that is kind of what Nick has achieved here.

It is a wonderful photograph, rich and full, and he is an exceptional photographic artist and also a very nice person with whom to spend a few hours with at home whilst he takes my photograph. I was thrilled when I received this and again, very touched that someone should have given up his his time to produce such magnificent work as part of this project. I am asked often when I am likely to finish this project but, so long as I continue to receive work of this standard, I cannot see it ending for some while yet.

Thank you, Nick. Very much indeed. 

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