Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SPLASH by Kristina Sälgvik

SPLASH by Kristina Sälgvik
I came across Kristina's wonderful photography on Flickr. The most recent photographs were some months old but they had a stillness and a directness which immediately engaged with me and I thought (and this now seems to be the test) ''I want to be in a photograph taken by this photographer''. And so it came to pass. I left a message on her Flickr page, she answered very much in the positive, we met for a coffee in The Mad Hatter cafe in Brighton and chatted about the shoot and I think it was then that we decided it would be in the sea as the sun went down. She is a very warm and friendly person with a lovely smile.

I met Kristina and her charming friend Simon whom had come along to assist her. It was a Sunday evening and the beach was still quite crowded but we got started pretty quickly. I love the sea and so it was great fun standing there waiting for the waves to crash around me as Kristina snapped away on her Hasselblad. We all got pretty wet but it was worth it. We then started to dry off and change but were somewhat hampered by this little Jack Russell dog which took a liking to Simon's shoes and dived in and scampered away with one triumphantly pursued by Simon wearing only a towel. It was all very funny and all was well in the end as the shoe was retrieved.

I received the photograph from Kristina some weeks later and I absolutely love it. Again, although there is movement in the picture through the sea crashing against me, I love the directness of the, slightly startled, look in my face. And the softness of the evening sunlight down the side of my body is beautiful. Kristina agreed saying that she liked the contrast of the flat still sea behind me and the crashing wave.

Well, another great photograph to add to my project and it really stands out. When I created a slideshow of all the photos recently and they flashed by every 5 seconds or so, this one really held my attention because Kristina held my look and combined it beautifully with the smack of the water against me. Great stuff!

WEBSITE: http://www.kristinasalgvik.com/

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