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The White Queen and King Gammelyn
The mercurial Kirsty Mitchell, who photographed me as King Gammelyn in September last year, used to be a chief designer for Karen Millen. As part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations and to celebrate 'British Talent', the Regent Street store of Karen Millen is displaying in the windows 5 huge photographs from her incredible ''Wonderland'' series including mine which, together with the one of 'The White Queen' will be backlit. Read Kirsty's diary about the preprations.

Kirsty and Me

Kirsty was interviewed by the BBC (see outside the store on 7th June last and so she took the opportunity to arrange an informal champagne-stand-up-and-brave-the-elements-street-party. I had been at Lord's all day with friends eating and drinking (when we weren't getting rained on) so that's why, in the pic above, I am adopting a parkinsonian pose with my pot belly and straggly windswept hair. It was a very jolly occasion and I met some lovely people whose names I cannot now remember but it included Kirsty, her lovely handsome husband Matt, Elbie (the superb make-up artist), Matt's charming brother and Kirsty's Father and her Brother and many others.

Karen Millen's window display

Jane was also in town that night and, when they all went to the pub, I called her but there was no answer and so, as I was completely out on my feet by then, I left for home. Jane called back once I was on the train and said that she would have liked to have met the Wonderland gang which would have been so nice and for which I'm sure I would have got second wind.

Kirsty being interviewed

The display looks amazing but the photographs will only be up for a little while longer so run along and see them in all their glory!

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