Friday, 29 July 2011


THE REALISATION by Linda Lieberman

When I saw Linda's work on her website, I was astounded and had no hesitation in writing to her asking if she would photograph me as part of my project. Her reply was not particularly hopeful in that she said that she was very busy at that time (July 2010) on other projects but she did ask me to send her a photo of myself in the meantime and that we could discuss in August the possibility of working together. So, not that hopeful but it wasn't a "No" either.

I sent her a copy of Steven Barritt's great photo and she reacted quite positively to it. However, at the beginning of 2011, she wrote asking if she could coordinate a shoot with me in March or April  and also, she wanted to know in advance if I woud be able sit approximately cross legged  or kneel like a Ghandi type figure and hold fish? She also wanted to know if I could maybe construct a loin cloth arrangement for the shoot. I replied that these things would not be a problem.

It was a few weeks later that I had a bit of a crisis and decided, rather too hastily, to bring the project to a close but Linda wrote such a beautiful email in response to my decision, as did quite a few others, that I relented immediately and said that all could go ahead as planned. Linda and I quickly set up a date for the shoot only for my daughter to catch Pneumonia and to be admitted to hospital to boot. However, we eventually got there and, on 29th July 2011, I was photographed, wearing a loin cloth and with two dead fish hanging round my neck, by the great Linda Lieberman. The image was intended to represent Mankind's realisation of what it is doing to the ecology of the oceans and was part of a series of photographs conceived by her within that theme. 

Of course, I knew what sort of quality of photograph I was likely to receive but nothing prepared me for what I did receive. Linda sent me three images shown below. I wrote saying that they were the most beautiful images and I could not really believe that now such incredible photographs by Linda Lieberman existed.


As it was, when the Southport show was being arranged, Linda decided on advice from her printer to use a fourth image which is the one I have chosen for my project. Even having received the three previous pictures, I was still astonished by the power and grace of this photograph. I was literally shocked and very excited at the same time. I was very honoured to be part of Linda's work, part of her history and to have actually worked with her. This was so important to me and something I shall never forget.


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