Thursday, 24 November 2011

TOUCH, PAUSE, ENGAGE by Niccolo Fano

TOUCH, PAUSE, ENGAGE by Niccolo Fano
I first met Niccolo when he was assisting the great Karen Knorr on shoot in North London.  He was very attentive and, although it was a long day, his enthusiasm really helped those of us who were flagging as the shoot drew to its close. I have to say it was such an enjoyable and inspiring shoot, that l was very happy to accommodate him when he approached me some months afterwards witha request that I partake in his own project which involved Identity and the Limitations of Photographic Portraiture. 

The idea was for him to photograph a selection of subjects from all walks of life and have a QR code which is then printed over the subject's face which in turn is linked to the subject's own website, blog, twitter and/or facebook. The QR code is placed over the subject's face to conceal their identity. The idea was to go beyond what is purely visual in a portrait and to elevate the portrait by being able to access information on the subject when the photographic image is scanned.

And so it was that I presented myself  at his studio in Bethnal Green on 24th November 2011 and met Niccolo again and his assistant Flavia Cortonicchi. The shoot was short and sweet but long enough to watch how Niccolo went about his work efficiently and smoothly. He has no need to worry about the future because he is decisive, has a good even temperament and takes excellent photographs. What more could you want?

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Tim and QR Code

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