Wednesday, 30 November 2011

HIGH LIFE by Sylwia Kowalczyk

                                                 HIGH LIFE by Sylwia Kowalczyk
I came across Sylwia's work in the wonderful Professional Photographer magazine - I have found so many brilliant photographers through that publication - and I wrote to her on 14th September 2011 asking her if she might be interested in photographing me. I was so thrilled when she said yes and especially pleased when she informed me that she lived in Edinburgh because, by then, I was in contact already with the irrepressible Claudine Quinn and the lovely Laurence Winram both of whom lived in the magnificent City of Edinburgh and had agreed to photograph the incredible me (you can't get many more adjectives in a sentence like that). Within minutes, well, maybe days - ok, it was probably within weeks but it was definitely really quick - I had set up what is known in the business as a Triple Shoot with the three of them which was lucky because, as there were three of them, it meant that they got one each.

There was a huge crowd in Edinburgh station on my arrival - well, there were quite a few people on the train and it's a busy station - and I was met by Claudine who whisked me off by taxi to her place and within a very short  time had me wearing very little (nothing) doing bizarre things with shaving foam and bits of string.......but that's another story. The following day found me in the more sedate surroundings of Laurence's studio which he had loaned to Sylwia who welcomed me with a beautiful smile and introduced me to her husband, Simon Crofts, another talented photographer and all round nice guy, who was going to assist her. 

We did some straight portraits inside including this great shot which I had no hesitation in choosing for my project. I cannot recall whether Sylwia had always intended to shoot me standing on an upturned milk crate but it was very appropriate because I really like milk. No, seriously, it was apposite because I am not fond of heights and my balance is not what it was and so standing on something like that (even if it is only 12 inches or so off the ground) can present problems so there is an element of humour which might not be immediately apparent. But it is a very good shot not least because that was me on that day in Edinburgh.

If it wasn't enough to be photograph by the fantastic Sylwia Kowalczyk, she and Simon bought me a lovely lunch afterwards after which I bade them a sad farewell and returned to the wacky world of Quinndom.......but that's another story. This story is about a superb artist who is very serious about her work, who knows what she wants and invariably gets it and produces masterpieces in action.

Simon, me and Sylwia


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